6kW Solar System

In the market for reliable solar power without breaking the bank? At Sure Solar we have got you covered with a fantastic range of high quality solar panels and inverters. With your 6kW solar system on your side, you will be averaging around 27kW per day. This means that you will be able to enjoy exceptional savings on your power bill without costing the earth. The 6kW solar package includes:

  • 21 x Phono 315-Watt TwinPlus Mono Perc Solar Panels
  • Fronius Primo 5.0kw Single Phase Inverter
  • Clenergy Solar Racking

Your 6kW system is reliable and tough, so you can be sure it will last for another ten years. A 6kW system will take plenty of money off your power bill and so efficient that you will see big savings.

These 6kW systems use 21 panels. With 21 panels on your roof, you are starting to get into some pretty big real estate, which means you will need to ensure that the roof of your home is large enough to hold this many panels. This system, once installed, is going to generate enough power to take over about three-quarters to the entirety of your home power needs.

Got your 6kW system installed? You are going to start seeing those savings straight away. Your initial outlay when buying this new 6kW solar system is going to be around $6,000 upfront – with some of the initial purchase price offset by the solar rebate. Once you have paid for your solar system, you can expect it to have paid for itself in just a couple of years. It’s a great investment to make both for today and tomorrow.

This system is best suited for a family with an average to high energy use – thanks to its capacity it can handle pools, air conditioning, and automated devices in your home.

Quick Specs


  • 21 x Phono 315-Watt TwinPlus Mono Perc Solar Panels
  • Fronius Primo 5.0kw Single Phase Inverter
  • Clenergy Solar Racking




27kW per day


around $6,000

6kW Solar System

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