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Phono Solar is a subsidiary of Chinese Fortune 500 company Sumec/Sinomach which has a business history of 35 years. The group of companies started to forage into renewable energy in 2004 and anufacturmea a diverse range of products for the shipbuilding, engineering, and agricultural industries.

This broad manufacturing portfolio differentiates Phono Solar from most other panel manufacturers who are completely dedicated to solar photovoltaic (PV) production and are subject to the ups and downs of the international solar market.

The company is fully vertically integrated, producing all product components in fully automated production processes. This reduces human error and achieving consistently high-quality products, which is one part of achieving Tier 1 status.

Phono Solar products are supplied by Phono Technologies Switzerland, a partner of the largest photovoltaic projects in the Europe with over 30 years of experience and turnovers exceeding $2 billion. Phono Technologies Switzerland employs a team of experienced wind, solar and hydro energy experts who are involved in the research, development and product design of Phono Solar products, guaranteeing the best quality products at excellent prices.

Phono Solar panel reviews have been excellent, and the brand has become synonymous with high performing, top quality solar panels, specializing in PV technology innovation, application and system development.

Phono Solar panels are used in a variety of residential, commercial and utility-scale projects in countries all over the world.

Product Snapshot


  • Outstanding module efficiency of up to 17.01%. This means that the panels on your roof collect more power per square meter and you require less roof space.
  • Anti-PID (Potential Induced Degradation) technology which guarantees that the panel withstands the effects of corrosive elements like ammonia (NH3), hydrogen sulfide (HS) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) throughout its lifetime.
  • Latest high-performance polycrystalline Hyperion panels give you more energy yield and higher Return on Investment through patented inverted pyramid Nano Structure Rebuilding (NSR) solution.
  • High performance at low irradiation (i.e. from tree shading etc.), ensuring your household energy needs are met even on cloudy days.
  • Advanced low-light technology which means that the panels keep producing good amounts of power even on cloudy days, while they can exceed their nominal values on sunny days.
  • Low temperature co-efficient of up to -0.41%. This means that the panel performs well in higher temperatures and is suitable for our Queensland climate.


Phono Solar

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