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Battery storage is a practical solution for your home’s power storage needs. We have so many of our customers asking us about battery storage and how they can implement this power solution in their home. With home battery storage you can store the excess energy produced by your solar panels for nighttime usage, as well as use your power as a backup supply for your home. By far one of the most attractive benefits of a battery bank in the home is being able to sell energy back to the power grid at peak times, offering a nice benefit to homeowners who have taken the step of installing a solar battery storage solution.

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The benefits of a solar battery storage system

There are so many benefits to installing a solar storage system, not least of all is the benefit of being able to access your solar power in the evenings. With a solar panel battery system set up you have the capacity to store your excess power and draw upon it as and when you like. You are not limited to using the solar power as produced by the sun and can leverage this as you please.

  • A solar battery storage system means that you can store your saved energy and make this available to the grid at peak times, giving you a huge financial boon from the power companies. You do need to be producing excess power, but if you are this is a great benefit to a solar storage system.
  • With a solar battery system, you have a lot of options in terms of how you can leverage your power, including peak shaving which allows you to store energy at non-peak times and use it at peak times.
  • You can choose to use some of your power as backup power which means that in the event of a grid outage you will still have the option to run your house, or just the essentials like fridges, lights, alarms, or medical equipment.

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Options for installing solar batteries in your home

When installing a solar battery storage system you have the option of choosing from DC coupled, AC coupled, and Hybrid batteries. You can also choose to retrofit batteries, but if you are purchasing a new system and not choosing to install a battery system at the time, you could buy a hybrid inverter so that you can choose to install a battery system in the future. At this stage, solar power batteries are a fairly expensive system to install in your home. We want to take some time to explore what type of battery storage system is right for you and how you can make the right choice for your home’s power needs.

Note: At this stage, solar battery systems are still fairly expensive. They do not pay for themselves quickly like other system (solar hot water, for example); and even if you use your batteries to full capacity you will only save around $400 per year on your power bill. A battery system can cost around $10,000 to retrofit to your existing solar setup and can add about the same amount to a new solar install.

if you are looking to install a solar battery system purely for the savings you are not going to get a huge return. But if you are looking for the convenience and peace of mind of having a backup battery with power, then this might be an option for you. It’s best to speak to our team about your power storage needs and allow us to make some suggestions based on your particular needs.

Fit a solar battery system to your existing solar power system

If you have an existing system and are looking to get a battery system installed, all you need to do is invest in an inverter, a meter, and the battery. A battery system works by converting DC power from your batteries into AC power for your home. It also works in the reverse, converting AC power from your home to DC power for your batteries.

  • A retrofit does not necessarily give you the ability to do backup power for your home.
  • The best time to store power is when you are producing excess power, and the best time to use your stored power is when your solar panels are not matching your energy use.

Looking to retrofit a battery system to your home? Contact us for a chat about how we can help you get this system in place.

Does every solar power battery system come with backup power capability?

A battery does not automatically mean that you have access to backup power in your home. You do need to ensure you have an automatic transfer switch in place which will turn off in a power outage and turn back on when your grid power is back up and running.

  • Battery power systems can be used to segregate your power use and can ensure that only essential loads in your home are taken care of with your backup power supply.
  • You will need the right type of inverter in your solar power system to ensure that your backup power system will work effectively.

If backup power is something that you want for you home, speak to our team today about what you are after and we will explain how we can help.

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SOLARWATT is a leading German manufacturer of world-class photovoltaic systems, glass modules and home battery systems.

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