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Solar power for your home

Are you considering a solar system for home? Solar is such a fantastic resource, and at Sure Solar we are committed to providing workable and affordable solar solutions for homeowners across Queensland and New South Wales. Getting solar power for your home really is a simple solution, and when it comes to residential solar panels you can trust the experts at Sure Solar.

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How to choose the right solar power system for your home

We recommend that you take a look at your most recent power bills for the past year. Work out how much energy your home uses for a year on average, and then work out what your average daily consumption is. This is the main factor you need to consider when looking at what type of solar power system you need for your home. For every kW of solar power you have on your roof you will produce around 4.6kW per day, but this figure does depend on whether you have a sunny day, or what type of roof you have.

  • Average daily consumption is 12kW? You will need at least a 3kW system to ensure your home has enough power.
  • Average daily consumption is 20kW? You will need at 5kW system to support your household needs.

It is helpful to speak to a solar power expert when you are working out your energy needs. This is because we can guide you on what type of panels to get, how many panels you will need, and inverter information

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Installing your solar power system

Most of our customers opt for the flexibility and ease of a roof mounted system to get solar power for home. You can install solar panels on the ground if you have enough space, but most of our residential customers won’t have this option. Optimal installation will take place on a north-facing aspect of your roof for the most sun-friendly positioning. A west-facing installation can also be useful if your roof does not have sufficient north-facing space. You will need to choose the size and number of solar panels for your home – and our experts can help you to work out how many panels you need and what type of energy output you require.

  • You may wish to install a home battery system for your solar system to store excess power, or as a back up solution for your home.
  • Are you looking to go off the grid? You will need enough power to run for days when there is not enough to sun to power your home.

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Common questions about residential solar panel installation

We are lucky to live in Australia, a country where there is a great deal of sun year-round. In Australia, the best type of conditions for a functional solar system include installation on a north-facing roof that has a pitch between 20 and 30 degrees.

The answer to this question depends on the type of power use you have in your home. It is also important to note that the number of solar panels is largely irrelevant; the answer depends on the capacity of your system. You might have 20 x 250W panels, or 25 x 200W panels. Wither way, you have a 5000W system. If you are not using a great deal of power, say if you are a couple living together, then a solar system can be more on the conservative side and only need a system producing 12kW, but a family with a pool might need to use 33kW per day.

A battery storage system for your solar power system can be a costly investment if the correct provisions are not put in place. If you have an existing AC or DC system you can retrofit a battery system but this is not a cost effective solution as you do need to purchase additional components to allow for storage and use, in addition to the batteries. If you are looking to add a battery to your residential solar system we would advise calling us for advice.

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The first step you should take in considering solar power is to call our expert team on 1300 315 666 for an obligation-free chat about how we can help you choose the right configuration for your home.