SOLARWATT is a leading German manufacturer of world-class photovoltaic systems, glass modules and home battery systems. Since its inception in 1993, SOLARWATT has continued to be among the leaders in the solar power industry, providing practical and high-quality solutions for homeowners around the world.

Based in Dresden, the company employs more than 350 people around the world, with branches in Australia, Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. Its solar power and battery systems are used in over 50 countries worldwide.

Sure Solar is proud to be one of SOLARWATT’s certified installers and service agents.

SOLARWATT MyReserve is also an approved battery under the Queensland Government Interest-Free Loans and Grants Program.

How can SOLARWATT work for you?

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A battery perfectly complements any photovoltaic (PV) system. It stores the electricity that the solar panels on your roof produce during the day for when you need it most: at night. With MyReserve, you can save up to 80% of your electricity costs, and it will even fit your individual electricity needs perfectly, thanks to its modular design.

Two compact building blocks – one common goal

MyReserve Command – intelligent control and maximum usable power

All the battery’s power electronics are contained within the MyReserve Command unit. Connectors, sensors and software are all included together in a single, durable and space-saving housing made of aluminium. With this control unit, you can ensure that that the power you generate is used optimally all while reducing your grid power as much as possible. With MyReserve Command you can get the most energy possible out of each ray of sunshine.

MyReserve Pack – a compact battery with optimum capacity

With an outstanding 99.2% battery efficiency, the MyReserve Pack is the world‘s most efficient battery module. So you can rely on MyReserve to store your solar power efficiently. You can use the generated energy yourself, right when you need it. Each lithium-ion battery module has a capacity of 2.4 kWh.

MyReserve Pays For Itself 

With its exceptional efficiency, MyReserve sets the benchmark in the storage market. Cover up to 80% and even 99% of your average annual power requirements with your own rooftop solar system! The key to this outcome is optimised consumption. With unique operating protocols in place, your MyReserve secures you as much free solar energy as possible rather than expensive grid electricity:

Highest reaction speed

Electrical devices such as induction ranges or coffee machines require power for just a few seconds, resulting in short-term consumption peaks. Conventional batteries simply can’t react fast enough to meet this sudden demand. Because of this, household appliances end up using expensive grid electricity. MyReserve immediately registers demand and delivers electricity in almost real-time.

Smart battery management system

The efficiency of our battery is all thanks to the intelligent management system in place. The system monitors hundreds of system parameters every second. Charging and discharging is also optimised. This is how MyReserve achieves both the fastest reaction speed and a particularly long battery cell life.

More Usable Solar Power

Resource Saving Manufacturing, Easy Recycling

With SOLARWATT, you are choosing products which supply environmentally friendly electricity and pollute the environment as little as possible.

  • During its service life, MyReserve stores about ten times more clean energy than was necessary for its production – a powerful plus for the
  • The compact design of MyReserve means its production requires very few materials and saves space during storage and transport.
  • SOLARWATT is committed to constant improvement of each product‘s eco-balance, and MyReserve is no It is a significant improvement on preceding models.
  • The modular design is not only green for new installations, but also for repairs! If an exchange is necessary, only the affected module has to be replaced and transported and not the entire battery.
  • Short production distances also help the environment.
  • Excluding the battery cells, all MyReserve components are produced directly in Germany.

But it gets even better. SOLARWATT has always thought of sustainability and future recycling in MyReserve’s development, so all components are designed to be dismantled easily and damage-free. This provides a trend-setting 86% reuse rate for its components.

Safety is non-negotiable

Highest physical safety and uncompromising data security

With SOLARWATT, safety isn’t an extra benefit – it’s a core feature. MyReserve was designed with maximum security from the start, and it was the first battery system to meet the safety guidelines for lithium-ion household storage.

Physical safety

Each MyReserve module is sealed in a 1.4 cm thick aluminium cast housing. The electrical battery poles are insulated from each other by ceramic separators, just like a high-voltage line. This reliably prevents short circuits from deposits on the cathode and anode. MyReserve also uses autonomous relays to make sure you can shut off your system at any time. All relays switch independently, each one securing the system. This means that the relays cannot interfere with each other in the event of faults – maximum safety for you

Data security

MyReserve features fully separated internal and external CAN data buses to prevent third-party intrusions on your system. Only your device’s status is transmitted externally, so the rest of your system information is protected. Unlike conventional batteries that rely on an Internet connection (making digital hacks possible), MyReserve’s inner physical interface keeps your system secure from unauthorised access. This ensures that no one can manipulate your battery from the outside.

Where others promise, SOLARWATT guarantees

Guaranteed Performance

We guarantee every MyReserve battery will last for at least 10 years and have at least 80% of its original storage capacity – no matter how many charge and discharge cycles it’s had. If this is not the case, we will gladly repair your MyReserve battery for free or replace affected modules.

SOLARWATT Full Coverage

Each MyReserve battery comes with SOLARWATT’s free FullCoverage insurance policy that includes:

  • theft of system components
  • damage from extreme weather, flooding, vandalism
  • defects due to overvoltage, short circuits, etc.

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Powerful and cost-effective!

The SOLARWATT system approach

SOLARWATT is the only solar power supplier that produces all essential components of its solar power systems. This includes the PV modules, battery storage units, and energy managers. Because SOLARWATT manufactures these parts themselves, these components work more efficiently and seamlessly. The result: More independence and maximum efficiency in your system.