Solar Panel Upgrade

Do you already have a solar system and want to add more panels? Is your original solar company no longer in business? Then a solar panel upgrade with Sure Solar is what you need.

Solar upgrades are common among home and business owners who want more power than what they’re generating from their panels. Whether it’s a change in location or simply more energy demands, many owners turn to a solar panel upgrade to improve their existing system.

Sure Solar has the experience to help manage any old system you may have and give you the best advice to get the most out of your system. Whether you need to add new panels to your system or replace your current system altogether, we’ll help you get the right upgrades for your needs and budget.

10+ Years of Experience

We’ve worked in solar power for over 10 years, so you can rest assured we have what it takes to get you the results you want. No matter what type of system you have, our technicians can help you determine your best options for your property and power needs. This is why we’re one of the most trusted solar companies in Queensland and New South Wales.


In most cases, additional upgrades will not affect any current warranty you have with your original system, especially if it’s carried out by our CEC-accredited technicians. You can trust us to improve your system without compromising its warranty coverage.

Local Expertise

Put your trust in a local company who understands the local networks and industry regulations. We understand the Queensland electricity market and can best advise you on the regulations behind adding panels or batteries to your existing system. Whether that be on the high 44­50cent feed-in tariff or the existing 6c feed-in, Sure Solar will help maximise your power generation while minimising costs.

Types of Solar Upgrades

Some of the solar power upgrades that our technicians can help you with include:

  • Adding more panels to your system. Increase your power generation with a solar panel upgrade that increases the number of panels in your system.
  • Upgrading your solar inverter. An inverter upgrade can let your system handle more generated power or process energy more efficiently to improve performance.
  • Installing solar storage units. If you want extra power for your home or property, the right solar storage unit can provide it.
  • Installing a new system. Whether your solar power system is old and inefficient, or you simply need more power for your property, installing a new system can give you the power boost you’re looking for.

Things to Consider When Upgrading

Upgrading your solar power system is a big investment, so it’s important to make sure you make the right decision for your property. To end up with the right solar panel upgrade, you should always consider the following factors:

  • Reasons for Upgrading – Do you want to generate more power to cover more power usage on your property? Do you want to store solar power as an energy back-up? Or do you simply want your system to work more efficiently? Finding out exactly why you want to upgrade your system will help you determine your best upgrade options.
  • Hardware Specs – Remember that not every solar power system is the same, and not every upgrade will work for every system. Make sure your current system can handle the upgrades or change in hardware that you have in mind.
  • System Condition – The age and condition of your current system can determine whether it’s worth upgrading with new parts and equipment. In some cases, you might be better off installing a new system altogether.
  • State Regulations – Current state regulations for feed-in tariff can affect your end costs, depending on what system you have and the upgrades you want to make. Our technicians can help you understand the implications of any system upgrade on your monthly budget.

Professional Solar Panel Upgrade

No matter what type of upgrade your system needs, we can help you maximise your system’s performance to get the results you want. We’re one of the most trusted solar companies in Queensland and New South Wales, and we’ll make sure you get the right upgrades for your needs.

Talk to us today about a solar panel upgrade or to ask about adding battery storage to your system. You can also get a free quote to get started.

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