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Dear Future Happy Clients of Sure Solar

My name is Daniel Lake and I’m the founder of Sure Solar.

I’m writing to invite you to join the thousands of Sure Solar customers who have slashed their electricity bills, made the wisest investment, and made a positive contribution to the global environment. We are one of the few companies that offers 12-year workmanship warranties. One of the few that takes the time to listen, to recommend, to tailor, and to seamlessly deliver your incredibly valuable solar power system.

After working in some of the biggest solar companies in Australia, I became dismayed because I saw that most solar companies were run by people who had no technical or solar experience. I witnessed customers having unimaginably poor customer experiences – both pre-sales and post-sale – and then getting shoddy (and occasionally non-compliant) installations of low-grade equipment that failed on too many occasions without them even knowing.

That’s why I started Sure Solar in 2015, and pulled together some of the best and most experienced people in the solar industry. Our aim is to deliver incredible value to customers, give five-star customer experience, and to raise the bar on solar compliance. Every time we get a five-star review, we ring a bell and the office celebrates (and any time we get a four-star review, I immediately and personally launch investigative and corrective action).

We want you to be a happy customer, for life. We want you to enjoy the benefits of solar power for 25 years or more, and have your investment repay itself multiple times over. We want you to encourage your friends to buy a solar power system, and we would love for you to ask Sure Solar to expand your system when you buy an electric vehicle sometime in the next ten years.

Wishing you an abundance of sunshine.

Daniel John Lake
Founder. Sure Solar