5 Things First-Time Solar Power Users Should Know

If you’re getting a solar power system for the first time, you’re probably itching to have your new system installed as soon as possible.

And we can’t blame you – a good solar power system can be a great addition to your property, helping you reduce your electricity bill while being eco-friendly as well. Win-win!

But it’s also important to understand what you’re into so you can get the most out of your system.

As a first-time solar power user, here are five things you should know beforehand:

1. It won’t change your life right away

Some people get so excited with a new solar power system that they get carried away and think that it will automatically change their life – or at least drastically reduce their electricity bill from the get-go.

We hate to burst your bubble, but the truth is the lifestyle changes and big savings that solar power systems offer happens over several years, not at once.

Solar power is a long-term investment, and the savings and improvements it offers come gradually rather than immediately – which is a good thing since these benefits will be more likely to stick and grow over time.

When getting a new system, it’s important to set the right expectations from the start. Know what your system can and can’t do so you have a more realistic expectation of how much your new solar power system will improve your life.

2. Maintenance matters

Some people think that having their solar power system serviced regularly is a waste of money, but it’s actually the smart thing to do if you want your system to last for ages.

Yes, solar panels are stronger than they look, and they’re designed to last long. But they’re not indestructible.

If you want your system to not only last long but also perform at its best over its lifetime, then you’ll need to maintain it regularly.

Solar maintenance should include cleaning the parts panels, repairing any broken parts, and replacing faulty or worn components.

It’s best to work closely with your technician, so your system gets the care and maintenance it deserves.

3. Your technician can make a big difference

Speaking of technicians, the right technician can make a huge difference in how well your system performs over time.

Every technician is different. And like any other industry, some specialists will be better than others.

Finding the right technician for you might take some work, but it’ll be worth it when you find one who offers exactly what you need. Here’s what you should look for in your technician.

  • Experience -Experienced technicians can give you more realistic and practical solutions than inexperienced ones. They can also provide better solutions for the issues solar power systems usually face.
  • Expertise – Installing and servicing solar panels require expert skill and technique, so make sure your technician has the qualifications and training to provide what you need.
  • Accreditation – Accreditation with recognised industry bodies indicate proper training and expertise in handling your solar power system. Here in Australia, it’s best to work with technicians who have a Clean Energy Council accreditation.

4. Understanding how you use electricity helps a lot

Knowing your power habits and usage patterns will make it easier to optimise your system.

How much power do you typically use every day? Do you use more of it at night or during the day? What times of the day do you need electricity the most?

By understanding how you use electricity, you’ll get a better idea of the impact your solar power system can make and what adjustments you can take to amplify its benefits.

This will also help you understand what system upgrades you can get to achieve the level of savings and benefits you want in the future.

5. Knowing your upgrade path early will make it easier to upgrade in the future

We’ve mentioned how solar power is a long-term investment. And part of thinking long-term is knowing what upgrade paths you’ll eventually want to take. After all, when you see how well your system is performing, upgrading is a realistic idea to consider.

Solar power systems have several upgrade options, including adding more solar panels on your property, upgrading your inverter to handle more power, or even setting up solar batteries to store the power you’re generating.

When you understand the upgrade paths you can take with your system, you’ll get a better idea of how to get the most out of your system as your power needs change over time.

Need More Tips and Advice?

If you want expert advice and recommendations on getting the best from your solar power system, feel free to have a chat with us to learn more. We can help you optimise your system and provide the services you need to make sure your system always works at its best.

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