Household power bills to rise after election.

Household power bills to rise after election as cost of living increases.

Last night 9 news reported “the latest cost of living figures and the predictions of an interest rate hike as early as next week have continued to dominate the 2022 federal election campaign as household power bills are also set to climb”.

This comes as no surprise to us, as illustrated in our previous post talking about how we help home and business owners stop paying more for power. Solar is the cheapest form of electricity generation, and the recent rapid increase coal prices shows how susceptible the National Energy Market (NEM) wholesale electricity price is to such market volatility.

50% of electricity being generated in the NEM comes from the burning of black coal.

Prices for black coal have soared from $168 per tonne in January 2022, up to $458 per tonne in April 2022 as reported by 9 news. This cost has been visible when looking at the the future spot prices for generation in NSW publicly available at

The wholesale electricity price makes up 34% your homes power bill.  Post election an increase of 8% in electricity costs is expected, meaning the average household will pay an extra $100 for grid electricity.

What can you do to avoid the having to pay more for electricity?

The answer is to invest in having a solar system power your home. Installing a solar system and battery storage is a sure way to secure the cheapest electricity generation, take the power back and gain total energy security.

If you have a properly sized solar + battery storage solution, then you will be able to run your home powered by the sun. As night follows day, day follows night and the sun is the most abundant form of energy on our planet.

Clean power, means a better more sustainable future for all.

Let Sure Solar help you today.

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