Retail Energy for only 3-4c p kWh – How Good is Solar ☀️❤️👍

All electricity has a cost to generate, distribute and package (retail) to your home or business. 

Solar is the smartest way to power your home or business for the lowest cost per kWh – about 3-4c p/kWh. 

How solar can play out for you at any scale…

For this example we are using a 6.6kW solar system.

In the first 12 months, the average 6.6kW solar system will generate approximately 9,636kWh* of solar electricity.

Generating a saving for the homeowner of around $1,542** Offsetting an average quarterly electricity bill of $385.50 or annual bill of $1,542.

At a cost of around $5,500 (including GST and after the STC discount) for a quality 6.6kW solar system this means the investment will have a simple payback of 3.5 years.

This is also a 28% return on investment (ROI), which is more than 25x or 2500% more than the best fixed deposit interest rate I could find at the time of writing.

With an expected operational lifetime of 20 years, this means the owner should see their initial investment paying them back for another 16+ years after the initial ROI.

The equivalent of locking in a really, really, really good retail energy agreement with yourself of only 3-4c per kWh over 20 years.

Adding batteries will increase the cost per kWh if included in the initial purchase cost ie. solar + storage. 

The concept for commercial solar is similar and as with a home solar system, we tailor a solution to meet your needs. 

A simple method for sizing a system for a commercial property is to take use the average daily kWh usage, divide by 4 and multiply by .4 (40%). 
For example: 400kWh / 4 = 100kWh x .4 = 40kW solar system. 

How do you go about securing this kind of a retail energy agreement?

6 steps to savings:

Step 1. Click here to complete the Let’s Chat form and let us know you are interested.
Step 2. Our team will respond and ask you for your last electricity bill.
Step 3. We will create a solar proposal for you with a few options.
Step 4. Choose a solar system package.
Step 5. Will will deliver the chosen solution.
Step 6. Your system generates power and you save money.

How good is solar ☀️❤️👍

*6.6 kW (system size) x 4 (daily yield) x 365 (days) = 9636kWh.
**Combined savings 848+694 = $1,542
math: 9636kWh x .4 (40%) grid offset value 3,854 x .22c per kWh (grid rate) = $848
9636kWh x .6 (60%) export value 5,782 x .12c*** per kWh (Feed In Tariff rate) = $694
***Feed In Tariff’s vary by retailer. Typically, they mirror the trending wholesale energy market price. Sure Solar staff can help you navigate this on a case by case basis. Please ask us how. 

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