Stop paying more for electricity. Learn how to lower your business electricity bill using solar, without having to stump up cash you want for core business growth.

Did you know that multiple councils, large multisite corporations and Small to Medium (SME) businesses are all using this vehicle to access cheaper electricity and avoid paying the no solar premium? “Some of the participating councils will achieve 100% renewable electricity from the outset, while others will progressively ramp up their promotion of renewable electricity in line with their targets,” the council said.

The problem is quite simple and there is a proven, well established, tried and tested solution. 

Problem – Grid electricity cost index shows a rise in wholesale electricity pricing:

Solution – this solar panel cost per watt price index shows a low flattening cost for panels:

The problem with doing nothing is you basically are agreeing to pay more for electricity that comes from the grid. If you consider the price, it has gone from approximately $40 per megawatt hour (MWh) up to $73 per MWh over the last 12 months. This represents an 82% increase in the wholesale price, which will inevitably get passed on to the consumer. 

Due to a multitude of factors, Australian business owners are feeling the pain caused by increasing costs throughout the supply chain. The solar industry too has experienced a sudden increase in equipment costs, freight and logistics costs and supply constraints. 

The solar panel price index shows how prices have dropped from $2.40 per watt (p/w) to around $0.90 p/w. This is a 266% reduction in cost since August 2012. The global supply shortage of raw materials for manufacturing, coupled with rising costs mentioned above, suggest that now is a perfect time to secure a solar energy supply solution. 

Not doing something about it and taking action now, only to leave it for another time could see you paying more for your solar solution. Now is the time to get this sorted and stop paying more for electricity. 

Luckily for you, there is a solution, as Sure Solar can tailor an energy solution for your business to help you secure cheaper electricity through solar.

  • Sure Solar is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) business so we manage the entire process, which means you have one point of contact who helps you get your questions answered fast.
  • The owner of Sure Solar is a CEC accredited electrician and solar installer, so he knows what he is doing and this means you don’t have to worry about shoddy installation done by someone with no idea or no experience.
  • Sure Solar gives you customised energy solutions, helping you to get what you need, not overspend, meaning you save more on your electricity costs.
  • Multiple supply partners gives us the freedom to design the best solution. So you get the optimal product and service solution to meet all your business needs and requirements, within budget and on time.
  • Solar system ownership is not limited to property owners. Solar system costs can be covered by Sure Solar finance partners with zero capital investment by the business owner. Business owners can enjoy the benefits of cheaper solar powered electricity either as the property owner or as a tenant.
  • With zero money down, property owners with tenants who install solar can increase returns on their investment. The benefit is shared between all parties and typically the tenant wants to stay long term due to the benefits created by cheaper solar electricity.
  • Our team has helped businesses across multiple industries install solar power systems. Helping businesses go green, reduce overheads, pay less for electricity and use the business as a vehicle to create a more sustainable future.

Request a Quote – Let Sure Solar help you make the most of the opportunity by requesting an electricity bill analysis and an obligation free Solar Proposal. 

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