Sure Solar Package Specials Offer Tremendous Energy Savings

Sure Solar Package Specials Offer Tremendous Energy Savings

What size solar system suits you best?

When getting quotes in order to compare before you buy a solar system, it’s important to know what to look for. Why people buy a solar system differs from person to person, but most often the objective is to save money. Some people want to flat out “kill the bill” while others just want to get the best return on investment (ROI). There are optimum system sizes that will maximise your ROI.

If your electricity bill is under $500 then a 6.6kW system is likely going to deliver the best outcome. Let’s assume your electricity usage is mostly daytime usage.  You might use 50% of the energy generated by your solar system. This is referred to as self consumption.  The other 50% of the electricity generated will be fed back into the grid. We refer to this as solar export.

Now that you are generating electricity as well as buying from the grid, you need to consider both how much you buy electricity from a retailer and also how much they will pay you.

Here are some the numbers based on the 50/50 split (usage/export)

6.6kW system x 4.2 (yield in QLD) = 27.72kWh per day.
27.72 / 2 = 13,86kWh self consumed saving .23c p/kWh and 13.86kW exported for .12c p/kWh.
Saving 13.86 x .23 = $3.18
Export 13.86 x .12 = $1.66
Daily saving = $4.84 x 91 days in a quarter = $440.44
$440 x 4 = $1,760 annual saving vs grid only supply.

The greater percentage of solar power used by the home, before exporting surplus back into the grid, the better the return, as you are offsetting a higher value cost of energy at .23 in this example. Conversely the greater the export percentage, the longer the return.  This is why seeking out a well balanced retail energy offer is important.

Under $500 per quarter electricity bill ~ look at a 6.66kW system.

Over $500 per quarterly electricity bill ~ look for a 9-10kW solar system.

We have paired 3 reputable panel brands and specific models together with 3 inverter brands. SolisSungrow and Fronius are the inverters we paired with Jinko Solar, Canadian Solar and Risen Energy Solar panels.

Solis inverters have a 10 year warranty here in Australia with the head office registered in Cheltenham Victoria. Together with the Risen 390w titan solar high efficiency monocrystalline solar panel, this combination offers outstanding value. In Australia the Risen solar panels have a 15 year manufactures warranty and 25 year linear performance warranty.

The expectation is that after 25 years these panels will still deliver 84.8% of the nominal power. The black frame on the Risen 390W Titan as with all of the panels selected mean that old silver frame is a thing of the past.

Sure Solar has secured some great pricing from our suppliers to be able to offer these specials for the month of February. See the Risen 390W panel and inverter options below:

In 2020 solar panel manufacture Canadian Solar increased their residential Hiku High Power Mono Perc module range from 15 to 25 years manufactures warranty. They now join the likes of Hyundai Energy Solutions who also offer a 25 + 25 year warranty. The 370W modules offers buyers a well rounded high performance panel.

The business has a strong local presence in Australia with more than 60 employees around the country. The company is also committed to making a difference through recycling waste materials with an enhanced focus on achieving a more sustainable future from an ESG perspective. The head office is based in Ontario Canada with the panels being manufactured and assembled in China, Thailand and Vietnam as stated on the data sheet.

Sure Solar have put together some packages with the Canadian Solar 370W panel both the 6.63kW and 9.96kW system sizes with 3 inverter options including Solis, Sungrow and Fronius.

Jinko Solar have been a strong performer on the world stage for many years because of the cost benefit offering to the market. Like all solar panel brands, Jinko Solar has different models of panels that have different applications. We have selected the Jinko Tiger N-type 415W panel for you in this next package offering.

The primary difference with the Jinko 415W modules are they use N-type silicon which converts more sunlight into energy and lasts longer. They have a 25 year manufactures warranty and a leading 30 year linear performance warranty with only 0.4% annual degradation compared to .55% with the other panels mentioned above.  Jinko also have an ethical and sustainable business focus throughout their vertically integrated supply chain.

The Sure Solar Offering can be seen below pairing the 415W modules with Solis, Sungrow and Fronius inverters.

To get a customise a design for your home please call 1300 315 666 and ask for a customised quote and please make reference to the Sure Solar Special Package Offer.

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